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When considering the most exciting cities on Earth, Las Vegas is sure to make the top of any list. This neon-kissed desert oasis is many things: a playground where adults travel from all over in order to experience world-class gaming and entertainment; a residential community where families take root; a nature-lovers paradise with untouched landscapes, stunning mountain ranges, world class horseback riding and many other excursions.

It’s not surprising then that Las Vegas draws people from across the globe who wants to call the city home. There are a number of Las Vegas real estate options, but those with means have their pick of some of the most stunning luxury homes on the market. There is a large market for Luxury Homes in Las Vegas, and no one is better at matching clients with their Las Vegas dream homes than Bob and Jill Barnhart at

Bob and Jill Barnhart have a deep-rooted passion for Las Vegas luxury homes and million dollar listings, and this passion is evident in their work. Having been in the luxury homes business for over two decades, they have an innate understanding of the marketplace as well as client needs and desires. Their experience speaks for itself; because in the time they have been doing business in the Las Vegas area they have amassed a reputation for sheer excellence.

This reputation not only derives from their experience, but from trust as well. Clients worldwide trust Bob and Jill Barnhart because of their loyalty, work ethic and overall integrity. Besides their sterling reputation, Bob and Jill Barnhart have also amassed a strong network of business and community leaders in the Las Vegas area. This network of contacts has allowed them to expand their operation past luxury homes and delve into the world of commercial real estate in the hotel and gaming industry.

But the biggest testament to the quality of service provided by Luxurious Real Estate is their track record of property sales. Over the years Bob and Jill Barnhart have handled some of the largest luxury real estate listings in Las Vegas. And to this day they continue to handle the transactions of million-dollar listings in each of the most affluent areas of Las Vegas.

But it’s Bob and Jill Barnhart’s commitment to their community that allows them to flourish in the Las Vegas Luxury homes business. But this commitment isn’t exclusive to the wealthiest areas of the city. Bob and Jill Barnhart have made a firm commitment to the whole of Las Vegas and are constantly involved in positive community activities. While their focus is on supporting women’s and children’s charities, they also actively support other charitable endeavors, such as the 9/11 Rescue Workers Relief as well as Rebuild & Restore New Orleans.

Bob and Jill Barnhart are the best in the business, when it comes to luxury home sales in Las Vegas. Call Bob and Jill today at 702-804-7100 or visit them online at when purchasing Luxury Homes in Las Vegas.

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