Why Las Vegas?

Vegas is a place that is unique not only in America, but around the world. Renowned globally for its fine dining, shopping, shows, and gaming, Vegas is one of the most sought after living destinations. This city rightfully labels itself, the entertainment capitol of the world. The same features that make Vegas the tourist capitol of the world also make it a great place to live and raise a family. Home to some of the nation’s finest private housing communities, fine dining establishments, and cultural displays, this city stands alone.

To someone who does not live in Vegas, often their most prominent thought of the city involves gambling. In many ways, this is completely accurate. Vegas has built its reputation on being the world’s premier gaming destination, and no expenses are spared to ensure this remains. Vegas is home to more total hotel rooms than any other city in the world. This fact alone means nothing, in a world filled with fabulous destinations. Vegas is a city on the cutting edge, constantly reinventing itself to meet the changing times. Residents and visitors alike are delighted with excellent layout of the city that ensures speedy travel, and ease of navigation. The vast majority of the city is on a strict grid pattern, with wide, well maintained, two way streets. City planners are constantly accounting for traffic when they build infrastructure, giving Las Vegas some of the least congested roads, compared to population, of any city in the country.

Vegas is home to the world’s largest and most elegant hotel casinos. Legendary resorts such as MGM, Caesar’s Palace, City Center, The Bellagio, The Wynn, are just a few of the ultra luxurious choices Vegas has to offer. Many of the casinos, especially those of the strip, house the world’s most elegant and luxurious shopping. The world’s leading boutiques and brands have large, special edition shops on the strip. Because every major hotel casino has its own mall, Vegas has more high end malls and shopping centers than any other city. New resorts are constantly being built, and existing ones are sure to keep up with the times, so residents and visitors are constantly being given new places to go.

To residents of Vegas, it is a very different place. A city on the cutting edge, unmatched in the world, with so much more to offer than the vast majority of the tourists on the strip get to see. Vegas is home to some of the world’s most beautiful natural and manmade wonders. Red Rock Canyon, located just west of the city, is one of the world’s top hiking, rock climbing, cycling, and running destinations. The Hoover Dam is synonymous with America’s power; the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge Bypass, is the tallest and most stunning bridge in the Western Hemisphere.

Along with being the world’s premier tourist destination, comes some of the world’s finest foods and dining establishments. World renowned chefs choose Vegas to build their restaurants, for tourists and residents alike. People who have recently moved to Las Vegas are often pleasantly by small benefits of being a local in a tourist city. A huge number of discounts are given to locals by almost every business establishment. Because the city is designed to be easily navigated, getting accustom to the new city is fast and easy. For traveling our fine roads, Vegas is home to a number of dealerships for every major and specialty car brands, including a number of ultra high end makes.

Residential real estate in Vegas is unequalled in the world. A positive consequence to the housing collapse has been a sharp drop in prices, giving potential home buyers more choices than they would have elsewhere. Clark County has some of the nation’s most stringent building regulations. As a result, homes in Vegas are built to an incredibly high standard. The sheer number of ultra exclusive, private luxury housing communities means potential home buyers are sure to find a home that meets their tastes. Custom home sites are also available for those who are looking to build their dream home. Explore our site, and do research of your own to discover why Vegas is the world’s premier destination.

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